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This is the information we need to give you a price quote ;

01) Are you looking for a price quote for a private party, or a wedding reception ?

02) What is the date for this party ?

03) Where will this party be held ?

04) Can you tell us what room you are in ?

05) Phone number for where this party is going to be held ?

06) How many guests are going to be at this party ?

07) How many hours would you like to retain our services for ?

08) What time will the guests arrive ?

09) Will there be children at this event ?

10) Who Is The DJ Your Are Inquiring About ?

12) Is this a "Black Tie Event" ? (All Male Guests Will Be Wearing Formal Tuxedos)

Thank you for your time, as soon as I hear back from you I will reply ASAP with availability.