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Wedding Song Selection Form

The purpose of this page is to give you some control on what kind of music gets played at your event for dancing. It’s almost always best to start the dancing portion of the event with older / classic reception & party tunes, then work into the modern music as the event concludes. This will give your older guests a chance to dance early, and perhaps stick around and dance with you and your friends later as well 🙂

Before you get started, think about who you invited, and what kind of music they will enjoy as well as you and your friends. We have found that the best receptions combine a mixture of music for both the young, the old and the young at heart. We specialize at reading the crowd, taking requests and playing a variety of music, however, your suggestions are what count the most !

Here are some guide lines before you start: 4 Hours = 80 Songs

  • We play about 20 songs per hour. Pick as many as you like, but keep this in mind. 4 Hours = 80 Songs.
  • During cocktail hour & introductions, (One Hour – 20 songs) we play a mix of up tempo Jazz & Instrumentals.
  • During dinner, (One Hour – 20 songs) we play soft (but not sleepy) back round music.
  • During dancing, we normally play 4 fast, then one slow.
Below you will find DJ Bill T’s top 200 for the past year. Take a look though the list and check the song that you would like played at your wedding. If there are songs you want played that are not listed, there is a place to type them in at the bottom of the list.

    DJ Bill T's Top 200 from the last year

    Did not find what you were looking for above, not a problem. Write in what songs you would like to hear below. (Please note you could choose a few above and write in a few below)