These are personal pictures from my younger days..... we can't go back but we sure can remember !

SilverBullet1994.JPG (270052 bytes)

^ Me and my 1955 Feathercraft Ranger. I bought this boat for $200 in the early 90's and over several years restored and enjoyed it ! I sold it when I moved away from Lake Delta.

 day3c.jpg (235424 bytes)  < (Years Later :) <Both !

 ^ Me and my 1961 Corvair Spyder. I am just a kid in the far left picture ..... man the 70's were great !

(Yes I still have the car and it still looks like this !)

van.JPG (19493 bytes)

^ My 1964 Corvair Greenbrier Van. I sold the van in 1988. I wish I never did.

^ My 1987 Renault GTA Convertible. Bought it new, great car, wish I still had it now...)

^ My 1978 Renault Trans Am 6.6L Factory Hurst 4 Speed, From The Factory With No Bird on The Hood, Great car, wish I still had it now...)

^ The 80's.... is that dirt above my lip ? ;)

^ The 70's & 80's.... the best years of my life (so far;) (Wow look at the hair and jacket !)

^ 1980 ..Click To Look Close... at the size of the mirror ball hanging over my head !

^ Having my first beer, not quite 18 yet ;)

MajorMix1980.JPG (130716 bytes) <<< My First Business Card !!!!

^ My first mobile DJ Gig ... The turntable was my Moms !

^ Age 13, Sitting in front of the stereo most likely listening to "WSPK - K104 FM or 77 AM WABC"  - Thus the headphones.

^ Age 11 collecting antique bottles and listening to music all the time

^ Age 7, not far from my transistor radio !