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This page is dedicated to my 2009 Dodge Caliber SXT

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Last Update : 04/26/2012

07/04/11 Its amazing how time flies when your pushing 50 and how life gets in the way. 2 years have past almost to the day since I last did any real improvements. The Caliber is doing well and has just over 12,500 miles at this date. I finally got around to installing the 'step bumper' cover. Glad I did. It covers the scratches and should prevent any additional damage to the bumper cover over the years to come. I also changed out the interior overhead lighting to all LED. OMG what an improvement. I will post photos as time allows. 

07/01/09 I installed new sheepskin seat covers. They weren't cheap ($175.00 Pr) and they fit really well. About the only thing I don't like is the slight hint of the sheep carcasses, otherwise they look and feel great. They will protect the original / new seats for a long time.

06/26/09 I finally got around to installing my headlight protectors. They look like they will do a good job protecting from stone chips but they were not easy to install, but I did the best I could. Took me about an hour. Time will tell if the imperfections dry up ?

06/20/09 Left a doggy bag (restaurant leftovers) in the car to long, now the new car smell is gone forever. Live and learn.

06/18/09 2500 miles, time for the first Lube Oil Filter. $32.57 at the dealer. Is it me or does that seem high for a oil change ? And also, and I know I am fussy, but I hate knowing that I had my oil changed by the dirt / grease prints on the inside of my car that was not there when I dropped it off. Ho Hum. On the plus side they did get me right in without an appointment and only made me wait about an hour.

05/12/09 Wow I let the "Dent Wizard" (Dave Nauseef Master Technician) take a look at the dents / dings and he did an amazing job. The dent in the door ... gone ! One of the ones in the roof... gone ! The two other ones are much better but still visible. He only charged me for the one he got out. I am going to leave the others for now and hope for the best. Got a dent ? Call Dave @ (607) 745-8946

05/06/09 Victory Service department (Tom & Brad) took care of the faulty cluster and now all is working as it should. I personally think the assigned mechanic could have been a little more careful when he did the work. There are dirt marks on the headliner where he must have rubbed and there are serious deep scuffs in the door jam paint but I guess that is to be expected ?. I can clean the headliner and I can buff out the door jam marks, I just wish he would have been more careful. On a positive note they also fixed the loose after market driving light they installed.

05/01/09 Installed the correct license plate hardware and 2" stick on mirrors to help see the blind spots. Also installed the Weather Tech Cargo Liner. Very Nice !

04/29/09 Now you see it... now you don't. Well folks I have had my first 'problem' with the Brand New Caliber. The digital cluster that illuminates in the bottom part of the tachometer keeps disappearing. Tom (service manager for Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep says it needs to be replaced. A new one is on the way. For now I can't log my mileage... not a good thing. I can't blame Dodge for this problem as I am sure they don't manufacturer the cluster. I am sure it's imported.

04/24/09 I spent 10 days visiting my Father & Stepmother and left my car in the care of my girlfriend while I was gone. She was supposed to just take the car to Installations Unlimited to have the remote car started installed. Well, she did that and it's awesome, but she also took upon herself to take the car back to the dealer to have the OEM Bug Shield, Driving lights and Chrome Door Trim installed. They say a way to a mans heart is through is stomach.... and she is a great cook, but... she also loves to spoil me ;). The dealer went over above and beyond to make her happy, and me too ! WOW I have to say if you are considering a bug / stone guard for your Caliber don't waste your money on after market products because the OEM dealer version is totally different in the way it mounts. The aftermarket version wraps around the edge of the hood leaving no room for the hood to close. The OEM version clamps to the underside of the hood and uses thick rubber stops to clamp the guard to the hood, leaving the 'gap' open to close the hood. The chrome door trim is a no brainier. The OEM fog / driving lights kit come unpainted and at first we were not sure if liked the black on red but it's growing on me and I think I will leave them for now. They also feel kinda 'loose' the way they are mounted in the bumper facia so we will have to keep an eye on them to see if they pop out. Overall I am very pleased with the dealers attention to detail. Thank you Dave Howe @ Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep. !!! Click here for photos of the OEM Bug Shield, Chrome Door Trim and Driving lights installed.

04/10/09 Installed the LED license plate lights. Very nice ! Also installed the LED back up lights. At first glance they look sharp but I think they are not going to perform very well and I may end of going back to the factory bulbs simply because the LED replacements don'ts light provide as much light as the filament style bulbs. Click Here for photos of the LED Lights, Mud Flaps and Vent Shades.

04/10/09 Sent the Bug Deflector back today. The mud flaps (OEM) arrived and I installed them myself (simple). The In-Channel Window Vent Visors went on pretty good, time will tell if they stay in the channel or not. I sure hope so. I am starting to wish that I had the rear windows tinted darker than they are. I told the dealer that I wanted them as dark as the law allowed and I think he must have misunderstood me because they are not all that dark during the day. Live and learn I guess. I should have talked to the installer myself. Ho Hum. The NYS registration came in. I went to put it on and it would not peal back off the paper like it should. What a terrible design, thank you so much NYSDMV.

04/08/09 It's been rain and mud and dirt now for days and even when the car is dirty the red still looks shops. I really like this shade of red.

04/06/09 Wow the Bug Deflector doesn't fit like it should so I am going to return it and have the dealer put the factory one on.. that way if it has a problem I can take it back to them.

04/03/09 Wow the Bug Deflector arrived the next day from Ebay... superman must have delivered it. It's been raining and nasty out so I will have to wait to install it.

04/03/09 I Ordered the first items to help 'personalize'  the appearance. These items include ; 18 LED reverse light package, 10 LED license plate package, Molded Rear Splash Guards, Bug Deflector & In-Channel Window Vent Visors.

04/02/09 The tint is done and I gave it a good bath and once over. I also started to tackle the 'how to keep the inside looking good but use it for a work vehicle" issues. First photos click here.

04/01/09 Ahhh April Fools Day..  I picked up the car (no name yet..) and spent a few hours driving in the lovely New York spring rain. Some of it heavy at times. Nothing better than a brand new car all dirty before you even leave the lot. I spent some time getting used to the 'features'. I can see that the "second-generation Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT2)" is going to take some getting used to. I did manage to fit all the things I need into the car for different tasks I do. First was all my tools, then it was all the gear I need for my gig at the resort. I really like the height of getting stuff (and me) in and out of the car. I also set the appointment to get the remote car starter installed.

03/28/09 I broke down and replaced my 1987 Chevy Nova (aka Toyota Corolla). I did the 'American thing' and decided to take a shot and buy an American made car. The car was purchased from Dave Howe @ Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep. The recommendation came from my Allstate agent Alan Spindler. I also went all out an purchased the bumper to bumper lifetime warranty to cover everything the power train warranty doesn't cover. And.... the lifetime rust protection. I plan on owning this car the 'rest of my life' and plan on testing all these 'lifetime guarantees" to the max, so check back often to see how things are going. I got the SXT so I have the auto transmission and most of the basic bells and whistles. I have not picked the car up yet from the dealer, they are doing the window tint now. I will pick it up soon and then update this page every time something goes right... or wrong. Stock Photo

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