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The Bride & Grooms Page Getting Married?

DJ Bill T realizes the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Luckily, he has over 20 years of experience working with Brides and Grooms to make sure their special day goes off without a hitch. The most important thing to remember about our services : It’s your party, and we provide you with the services & options that you want. We are experienced, and we love what we do. Below you will find our five step plan in choosing you wedding entertainment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Over the years, we have noticed several things that can make a reception more enjoyable. These are only my observations, and may not apply to your party.. Comments ?  

    SPECIAL NOTE ** – In the past few years, some couples have opted not to have the “Bouquet & Garter Toss / Routine” feeling it may offend some of the guests. We agree – and have come up with a few other suggestions, feel free to ask us about this. We can make it as subtle or outrageous as you would like us to, or not do it all.

    We feel that if removing the garter may offend any of your guests, you should consider omitting the garter routine and stick with tossing the bouquet as you leave for your honeymoon.

    *** When planning out your seating arrangement, keep the location of the DJ’s speakers in mind. *** 

    If you follow these suggestions, you may be able to increase your “open dance floor & party time”.

    Before the reception :

    Hire a professional wedding consultant to plan your entire day.

    Allow enough time for pictures and travel from the ceremony before the reception.

    If you are having a receiving line, try to have it at the church immediately following the ceremony.

    If you are having the receiving line at the reception, arrive 20 minutes before your guests and allow enough time to greet all your guests before the introductions.

    The reception officially begins :

    The wedding party should be prepared to line up before the introductions. This can be discussed at your rehearsal dinner.

    After the introductions, have your bridal dance, then have us ask the bridal party to join you.

    Consider combining the parents dances, then ask your guests (Parents & Children) to join you.

    After these dances, move onto cutting  the cake This way it can be photographed, and will be ready to be served after dinner.

    Consider a dessert table so the guests can help themselves later.

    Dinner :

    Have dinner 1/2 hour after the introductions, immediately following the bridal dances, cake cutting, parents dances, best man toast & dinner blessing.

    The head table (you and the bridal party) will most likely finish dinner first. This is a good time for you to arrange with the photographer for “special pictures” that may have not been taken already. If you seat your parents and immediate family near the head table, then they also may finished their meal, and can be near by for these photos as well..

    This is also a good place to have the bridal dances / cut the cake if you don’t have them before dinner.

    In most cases, dinner should be no more than an hour. If the reception hall can not accommodate this request, ask why and suggest more servers or maybe two buffet lines. Your DJ’s and photographer should also be finished with dinner (if invited) before the rest of the guests. This way we are ready to get on with the show. If dinner is buffet style, let us know so we can make last call for the buffet. We want everyone to have enough to eat 🙂

    After dinner, be ready to dance with your parents. Make sure they know you plan on this before hand.

    After the parents dances, throw the bouquet and garter together. This way all the single guests are already out on the dance floor ready to participate.

    Dance Dance Dance !

    Spend time with your DJ’s pre-selecting some of your favorite dance songs. An average hour of dancing is 20 Songs. Try to keep your slow songs to just a couple per hour. Everyone likes to slow dance, but most of the music played during dinner will most likely be slow. Lets keep them celebrating !

    Also remember that a majority of your guests may be older, and we like to keep them dancing the first half hour with classic songs that they know and love. After that we like to play a mix of old and new music.

    Group participation songs like the Twist, Slide, Train are great “Ice Breakers” and even though some people may not care for them, they are sometimes good songs to start the dance floor off.

    If you are considering an extra hour of dancing,  make sure you discuss this with your reception hall in advance. Some reception halls need as much as three months notice for an extra hour, and for afternoon receptions, it may not be possible at all.