Questions & Answers - Last Revised Spring 2005


Q): When do we have our meeting to go over the details for this event ?

A): I generally like to meet with my clients 10-12 days before the event. This meeting can take place at your home, or mine - or somewhere in between. It is also common for me to contact you by phone to gather the reception information rather than meet in person. Most of my clients find this very convenient 2 weeks before the wedding. Another popular option used by my clients with access to the internet are my on line bridal forms. Many Brides and Grooms like this option because they can submit the information to me any time day or night. The information is sent to my private server, and I review it with you over the phone 10-12 days before the event. If you use this option, please submit the information to me 30 days in advance.


Q): What time will you arrive at my event to set up ?

A): Generally we arrive 90 Minutes before your reception starts. Please check with your reception hall and let us know what time we can arrive. The earlier the better. If there is a party in the room prior to your event, please let us know. Special accommodations may be necessary.


Q): On the back of the contract we see something about you needing tables and special power, what is this and how does this effect us ?

A): We require (2) two sturdy skirted tables to set our equipment and music on, and (2) two outlets on separate circuits close by to plug our equipment into. Please mention this to your contact person at the reception hall. These are common requests and most reception halls will supply the skirted tables and have power near by.


Q): Do you bring an assistant ?

A): Yes. I always have an understudy with me. This person is in training and will be working closely with me before and during the event.


Q): What is your formal attire ?

A): We prefer to not blend in with the Bridal party. Unless your event is "Black Tie Tuxedo", I will be wearing a professional dark gray or black two piece business suit, white long sleeve shirt and burgundy tie and of course black dress shoes. My assistant will be wearing the same. We also do not wear tacky vests with sequins and musical notes.


Q): We have a song that you may not have, can we give you the music before the event ?

A): Absolutely ! I will make arrangements to pick up special song selections from you in advance, review them, and return them to you the day of the event. This may not be necessary if we already have the song(s) in our digital library.


Q): Can you help us pick songs ?

A): Yes, this is common, especially for the "Parents Dances" and special dedications.


Q): Is your music licensed ?

A): We are a full time music service, and all of our music is licensed. We do not under any circumstances download music from the internet for reuse.


Q): Can we select the music for out event ? (Over Please)

A): You may select up to 20 songs per hour. We suggest you keep your guests in mind when pre-selecting music. A good variety to keep everyone entertained is always recommended. Not everyone likes the same kind of music and if you specifically ask for certain songs not to be played, we will not bring them with us. Also keep in mind the different segments of your reception, for example ; Cocktail Hour / Dinner Hour / Formalities / Dancing.


Q): Can you tell us the order of events ?

A): A traditional 7 PM - 11 PM reception will progress like this :


7 PM > Guests arrive, sign the guest book, locate the gift table, find their tables and enjoy a cocktail or two. Appetizers may also be available.

7:40 PM > Introductions, First Dance, Bridal Party Dance, Parents Dances, Toast, Blessing.

8:00 - 9:00 PM > Dinner

9:00 PM > Cake cutting, Bouquet & Garter, Dollar Dance

9:30 - 11 PM > Open Dancing / Longest Married Dance / Closing Song


Q): I have two sets of parents, how will you announce them ?

A): The Brides Mother, Mrs. Sara Jones escorted by her husband John

B): The Brides Father, Mr. Kevin Smith escorted by his wife Carol


Q): Do you bring a light show ?

A): We generally use a light show for the dancing portion of evening performances only. Most afternoon receptions will be on a bright sunny day, and a light show will not be very effective. If you prefer to have a light show in the afternoon, or prefer not to have a light show at night, please let me know in advance. Our light show's are very nice and can really enhance and entice your guests to dance when they are turned on later in the evening. Most venues are now smoke free and will no longer permit us to use fog machines. We do not use strobe lights at a wedding reception unless you ask us to bring them.


Q): No one is dancing, what do you do ?

A): We enjoy taking requests from your guests (if permitted) and find this helps to keep the dance floor full. If you have supplied us with a play list, but are not able to dance to your special requests (you maybe away taking pictures, socializing etc.) we will focus on the more popular selections from your list until you return.


Q): Do you have back up equipment ?

A): I always carry a complete back up system for every event.


Q): What about overtime ? Extra Hour

A): First check with the reception hall (Venue) . If they allow overtime, let us know. We generally discuss the possibility of overtime when we book the event, however, overtime may be added toward the end of the event. Overtime is $80 per hour. There may be some occasions that overtime is not possible. Please discuss this with me in advance.


Q): Who do we make payments to ?

A): Please make the deposit payment to "William Terwilleger" We require a nonrefundable deposit to hold your date. Your deposit must be received with in 10 business days after the contract has been issued. We ask that you pay the balance 24 hours before the event, or at the end of the event, which ever is more convenient for you. Please make the final payment to "DMA" . Out of town or third party checks will not be accepted. Thank You !